Col John McKay while in the service
Colonel John McKay (left)

From being reared in Perú and México through an eminently successful albeit unique Marine Corps career with often critical contributions to the fields of U. S. national security policy, counter-terrorism, and drug-law enforcement, Col McKay has unselfishly served his country while amassing an unmatched knowledge of Spanish speaking cultures from West Africa, Spain, to Latin America. From the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis to the current counter narcotic efforts Col McKay has been exposed to and been an active participant in a myriad of the major international issues that have shaped the contemporary world over the last half-century. His professional expertise, demonstrated leadership, and vast experience of the international arena is augmented by an academic background commencing at the U. S. Naval Academy further enhanced by his selection as an Olmsted Scholar to attend the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain (all work done in Spanish), and culminating in a MA in government (specialty in national security affairs) from Georgetown University. Col McKay received a second MA in national security strategy from the National War College in Washington, D. C. A published author, accomplished public speaker, and diplomat with singular postings, Col McKay brings a wealth of knowledge, considered thought, and inter-personal skills to those individuals, government agencies, or business entities seeking in-depth understanding and appreciation of the current political, military, and business climate in the Spanish speaking world. The Geneva-based International Organization for Migration, and the American Red Cross cited him for the sensitive and effective managing of a major, very successful, U. S. humanitarian effort. Col McKay sits as a member of The George Washington University Libraries Development Advisory Council; and, is a member of the Board of Directors of the University’s recently launched GW VALOR (Veterans Accelerate Learning Opportunities and Rewards) program. He is a lifetime member of Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and the Military Order of the Purple Heart. He actively participates as a member of the U. S. Naval Institute of Annapolis, Maryland, the Marines Memorial Club of San Francisco, and The Churchill Centre of Chicago, Illinois.

2016 Update

California-State-University-logoAdjunct Professor, California State University, Sacramento

As of August 2016, Colonel McKay accepted a position as Adjunct Professor in the Department of Geography, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, at California State University, Sacramento. He will instruct in Geography of Latin America at the undergraduate and graduate level.