Letter to the Editor WSJ under the heading “Waterboarding, Results and National Morals”

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Published in The Wall Street Journal (print edition), December 18, 2016, under the heading “Waterboarding, Results and National Morals” – Letters to the Editor (WSJ http://www.wsj.com/articles/waterboarding-results-and-national-morals-1482088037).

As a Marine Corps infantry officer in Vietnam, and while in Sarajevo as a NATO officer seconded to the U.N. Protection Force, I witnessed the before and after of what was euphemistically labeled “enhanced interrogation.” Some techniques were more enhanced than waterboarding. There is always the chance that a well-trained and indoctrinated subject ends up sitting in your lap whispering sweet nothings in your ear. It doesn’t work.

In 1983 I interrogated a hardened, committed and dedicated foreign communist operative in El Salvador during the communist-inspired civil war. The operative had undergone “enhanced” interrogation by the now defunct, notorious Policia de Hacienda (PH). The six-plus months of PH-enhanced interrogation included breaking all fingers, shattering of knee caps, etc., and, yes, waterboarding, not unusually done with human bodily fluids. In a period of three-months effort employing what Gen. James Mattis correctly advocates, I was able to extract intelligence of value.”

Col. John C. McKay, USMC (Ret.)

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